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Matula Teatro Group is a collective of artists that, together with other theatrical references, integrates the artistic scene of Campinas (SP), a region of considered cultural effervescence in the interior of the state of São Paulo. Since 2000, it has been carrying out activities based on the actor's work that include several aspects of theatrical performance: creation and circulation of performances, short and medium length formative actions, and management of the Rosa dos Ventos Cultural Space, the group's headquarters.

For the artistic creations, the group has already been inspired by the contact with homeless people, women who live in rural settlements, families from small circuses and Saharawi refugees, which resulted in shows of unprecedented dramaturgies. The interface with literature also references creations that had as a starting point the adaptation of short stories by Hilda Hilst, Mia Couto, and Julio Cortázar.

Currently Matula Teatro Group transits in two distinct and complementary fields: the black room (stage performances) and the street (urban interventions), experimenting different poetics and ways of relations between spectator and scenic space.

We keep in repertory: COMO SE FOSSE (2020, directed by Veronica Fabrini, inspired by the work of Spanish playwright Gracia Morales), UM CONTO INFINITO (2016, directed by Marcelo Lazzaratto, original soundtrack by André Abujamra and dramaturgy by Cássio Pires), JOGOS CORTAZIANOS (2015, directed by Flávio Rabelo), IMAGO (2014, co-production between Brazil-Chile, directed by Claudia Echenique and dramaturgy by Leonardo Gonzalez), EXILIUS (2012, solo by Erika Cunha directed by Alice Possani), AGDA (2011, co-production with Boa Companhia, Campinas, SP) and the Poetic Intervention PASSAGENS (2011, directed by Moacir Ferraz).

Grupo Matula has been granted financial support by different institutions and initiatives: Art Circuit Sesc (2016, 2011), PROAC Unprecedent Show Production and Theater Season (2015), PROAC Theatre Touring and Spreading (2014), PROAC Art Territory (2014), PROAC Public Formation (2012), Virada Cultural (2012 and 2009), Circuito Cultural Paulista (2012 and 2009), PROCULTURA (2011 and 2012), FUNARTE Urban Theater Art (2010), FICC (2009), Myriam Muniz Prize (2008), Caixa Cultural (2007), besides presentations at Sesc, SESI and several national and international theater festivals. The shows, along with workshops and technical demonstrations, have been held in various regions of Brazil and abroad, especially in Germany, Mexico, Italy, and Portugal.


Alice Possani

Passionate about theater since she was 12 years old. A Scorpio who likes cats and acarajé (a traditional Brazilian snack). Tirelessly stretches the carpets in the house (which insist on curling up), and in the last ten years has slowly improved her skills as a mother. Hates the cold and states this out loud repeatedly throughout the winter. Likes the beach and sunny mornings.

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Erika Cunha

Erika Cunha is an actress, researcher, and curious about the human body. Transits between the anatomical body (studying its movements) and the political body (the body in the social relationship), me meeting myself and me meeting the world (between the world inside and outside!). She is also a doula, umbandista (of an Afro-Brazilian religion), loves animals, loves cheese, bread and coffee, has been practicing vegetarianism for over 20 years, and is an incessant learner in how to plant/treat the earth (in which she admits that she is not always successful, but keeps trying).

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Dudu Ferraz

Likes meeting and getting to know people, having good conversations is one of his favorite hobbies, besides playing the guitar and humming while walking down the street. Theater in his life arose from friendships and unexpected encounters, those unpretentious moments that suddenly gift us and change our path. Got here unpretentiously, just like a curious stray dog, and today he thanks the goddesses and gods of the theater for all of the friendships, family, work, learning, love, and obviously, for the nice talks.

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Carolina Baraglio

Carol is a detached paulistana (from São Paulo city), living in the countryside since 2009. Likes people, plants, bar tables and beaches, not necessarily in this order. Besides curious, she has said out loud several times that she wanted more lives so she could dedicate herself to the many professions she admires. As an artist, she flirts here and there with schools, doctors' offices and cultural spaces. But it is in the theater that her body trembles in emotion. Between people, plants and beaches, she prefers the theater.

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Maurício Oliveira

Cares about the beautyness of all things. Aquarian - very Aquarian - who likes waking up early on a cold day and drinking coffee (with sugar, it is important that it’s got sugar). Master of changing the house decorations, sticking papers on the wall and using colored lights. He loves spending time thinking about composing web_scenarios and web_costumes for web_calls.

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Matula Teatro

O repertório artístico atual do Matula Teatro é composto por espetáculos de palco e intervenções com caráter performativo realizadas em espaços públicos.

Estes trabalhos têm diferentes pontos de partida para a criação: espetáculos criados a partir do diálogo com obras literárias ( Hilda Hilst e Julio Cortázar), dramaturgias inéditas desenvolvidas em processos colaborativos e adaptações de dramaturgias já existentes.

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