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EXILIUS was released as a theatrical performance in the year 2011. It is the result of a vast research process done by the actress Erika Cunha back in 2007, and presents the theme of the Saharaui people, who have lived in exile since 1976 in the most arid part of the Sahara Desert/Africa.

From a true fact, eminently political, we discover an impulse for reflection on the exile experience, on the transforming identity and on resistance. The desert and the exile situation are treated as metaphors for the unavailability of the body within the space and the body in itself.
The dramaturgy is based on a play between the frontiers of theater and documentary, mixing the history of the Saharawi people, the experience of the actress together with fictional texts created in a collective way.
In 2021, Exilius became an audiovisual work, recorded with the support of the Aldir Blanc/2020 public funding, PROAC, State of São Paulo.


Inside a wheelbarrow full of sand, a woman tells us stories. As in the traditional tales of One thousand and one nights, fantasy and reality intertwine in the stories told to the public. The story of a people, the journey of a woman, the experience of the actress who crossed geographical barriers to encounter the reality of an exiled people: these are the elements that make up EXILIUS, unveiling the thin line between memory and fiction, between helplessness and hope, between the body's suffering and the desire to fight for a new world.

Acting: Erika Cunha

Direction and Lighting Design: Alice Possani

Audiovisual Direction: Alice Possani, Diego da Costa and Ericson Cunha

Video and sound capture: Diego da Costa and Ericson Cunha

Editing: Ericson Cunha

Texts: Norberto Presta, Alice Possani and Erika Cunha

Costume and Set design: Juliana Pfeifer

Soundtrack: Silas Oliveira

Photos of the Exhibition Front(eiras): Paolo Cattaneo

Ambient Photo Exhibition: Anna Kühl and Bruno Cardoso

Production: Carolina Baraglio and Dudu Ferraz

Provided by: Grupo Matula Teatro

Audiovisual Production: Grupo Matula Teatro, Pietà Filme and Ericson Cunha

Acknowledgements: Verônica Fabrini, Jaima Saharawi, Laboratório Cisco, Maria Farinha Filmes and all the Saharaui population.

Length: 50 minutes

Genre: drama/ documentary

Age rating: 14 years old